Alan Owen, Maker.

Alan Owen


Welcome to my virtual craft-fair stall: Kraft3D!

I'm a technically minded creative based near Worthing, on the South coast of England. I engineer papercraft sculptures; these can be purchased as digital patterns, from which you can recreate the physical models at home with a little effort - and a great deal of fun!

Digital patterns (and soon physical precut kits), are a joy to assemble yourself - the process of building feels like assembling an easy puzzle: relaxing, and wholly rewarding... Finished papercraft models are a great conversational piece to place within your home, and also a vessel for your own creativity - why not decorate your constructed model; paint it, graffiti it, even embellish it with feathers and diamante. Make it just right for you, craft the perfect gift, or have a blast then reprint and start again!

Key to my approach is the level of care given to the development of each model - there's no automation here; the process of creating a great looking, easy-to-build model is performed from scratch, all the way from idea to execution.


I use a computer to generate my designs: once a model looks great in 3D software (with special care given to the size and distribution of polygons for a unique aesthetic), I 'unwrap' it into triangle strips, considering how assembly might be kept as straightforward as possible. At this stage numbered tabs are also generated (matching numbers should be glued together). I then iteratively test the physical product - this stage is admittedly a heap of fun! Prototype papercraft kits are built numerous times before publication, to make sure that the level of challenge is never overwhelming.

Thank you for your interest in Kraft3D - if you have a papercraft idea you'd like to generate for your business (perhaps a unique shop window decoration), or otherwise have a request for a bespoke commission, please do get in touch!